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Why Virtual Tours?

With a quality Virtual Tour your site visitors are more likely to:
Browse more pages on your site
Stay longer on your site
Do (more) business with you

Why Virtual Tours? - The Facts

Travel is the No. 1 online purchase (Gomez)
  • 15% of bookings are on-line but... (Gomez)
  • 65% are researched on-line (Gomez)
  • 135% increase in online reservations (Radisson)
  • Return On Investment per hotel - less than 4 weeks (Radisson)
  • Longer site visit - 2~3 mins. up to 20+ min.

Why Virtual Tours? - Hotel Example

Project professional Image
Showcase key selling points
Do (more) business with you
Increase Sales
Persuade viewer to book
Persuade viewer to upgrade
Persuade viewer to use all facilities
Portable sales tool for exhibitions - we can produce a stand-alone 'web-site' for use when internet is not available

Why Virtual Tours? - Potential Hotel Guest

Can check out hotel & facilities (restaurant, sports, spa, grounds etc.)
Can see rooms and may be encouraged to upgrade
See quality images from a quality Hotel
More confident to book
Familiarity before visit

Why Virtual Tours? - Estate Agent Example

Present your best properties in the best light
Showcase key properties
Use on any platform - anywhere - iPad - iPhone or computer at any location.
Make more efficient use of your time and your clients time, by matching buyers to properties.
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