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What we do...

'Virtual Tours'
  • Typically, this consists of a 360 by up to 180 degree interactive view of a given location
  • This allows your customer to explore the location in a 'free form' manner, unlike a conventional video which can only show what the original photographer pointed the camera at.
  • In addition - multiple Virtual Tours can be linked or overlaid on a floor-plan to provide an interactive multi-location tour of a larger area.
  • This expands upon the 'basic' tour by allowing your customer to explore your entire facility.
Static Images
  • While producing Virtual Tours, you may also wish us to take some conventional images for use in print material or your web site.
Web Design
  • You may have your own web site - in which case we are delighted to liaise with your web designers to add your new images to your site.
  • All our material is Mac, PC, iPad & iPhone compatible - so your customers can connect and view your images from anywhere.
Web Hosting
  • Alternatively - we can design a mini-website and host it on our servers.
  • Then you simply link to your pages on our site.
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